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 Recruiting active moderator!

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PostSubject: Recruiting active moderator!   Sat Oct 04, 2014 5:24 pm

Greetings to Maskara Siege MU Players,

We're looking for 3 moderators on this forum can answer the questions of the players in the game. Make sure you know about MU Online. As moderator will also be able to event and you know anything related to the server.
I offer you to those who want to join the group, what are you waiting for?

Apply now!

*Full Name:



*GMT(Time Zone):

*In-game character name:

*Languages that you speak?:

*How much time you spend playing in a day?

*How do you see yourself as a Forum Moderator?

*How many servers have you been a Forum Moderator in?(list them)

*Have you been on Maskara Siege MU long enough to deserve a Forum Moderator?

*Please specify exactly/around how long you have been playing Maskara SiegeMU:

*Write a short paragraph describing yourself and why you think you are fit for this position:

*What does "Respect" mean to you:

After you fill all this up. Please go to this site and go post it there:

Moderator Application Form


*Copying someone's form will result to disqualification.

*If we found out that you are just playing with the form. This can result to disqualification

*Please take note that only the "current staff" Can pick the Moderator.

We appreciate all of the applications and support!

Masks Staff
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Recruiting active moderator!
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