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 [Test game master application] Dnak

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PostSubject: [Test game master application] Dnak   Thu Sep 25, 2014 4:27 am

*Full Name: Johndell Bulatao


*Country: Guam, USA

*GMT(Time Zone): GMT - 10:00

*In-game character name: Dnak

*Languages that you speak "smoothly": Majority English, 75% Flippino

*How much time you spend playing in a day? 4-7 hours, but majority most of the time.

*How do you see yourself as a Test Game Master?
 I am reliable for this position, I have the knowledge and the patience to over come any possible problems that can accrue in any MU online, Computer related situations.

*How many servers have you been a GM/Admin in?(list them):  N / A

*Have you been on Maskara Siege MU long enough to deserve a TGM position?

 Since I been playing this sever, I have encountered a few of the members that had some problems, helped them and made some new friends I've been a season 3 episode 1 fan, So I was just roaming around to see what our beloved sever has to offer.

*What can you contribute to us?
  Many and quite a good amount of knowledge about hacks, on what it gives, what damage it sent's to players. I have encountered many of Guardian patches (anti reflect known as Player.Bmd) I have acknowledge majority of the hacks just send me a via message and we can talk about it, Not only hacks but what my higher power has to show, what I can bring to the community, motivate them on achieving a better perspective on what MU online has to give.

*If two people were fighting, what would you do?

  I can talk to them about what the consequences and what will happened with them if they keep on continuing on such act, motivate them on nothing fun will overcome to them if they proceed and continue fighting. There will be always hate, try to brighten their mood.

*Please specify exactly/around how long you have been playing Maskara SiegeMU:

 I been only playing it since a month ago, I would come here and there to chat and do what needs to be done.

*Write a short paragraph describing yourself and why you think you are fit for this position:

  I have many knowledge about hacks, computer related problems. Basically the only game I would play on computer is MU online. So I been around here and there. I been just basically trying to meet many friends and just trying to find whats suits me and what I have to do on what I need to learn about MU online.

*What does "Respect" mean to you:

 If I could respect your family (parents) you could respect anyone else. I would rather have a million friends than have none.

Thanks for taking your time to read a little information about my biography about MU Online. Cheers!
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PostSubject: Re: [Test game master application] Dnak   Thu Sep 25, 2014 10:06 pm

Thanks for submit application.
Good Luck mate! Rolling Eyes
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[Test game master application] Dnak
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